Ready for League Finals?

As you have probably heard by now, EPI Sports has partnered with MileSplit for online entries. By now, I am sure you have used the MileSplit platform for one or more of your regular-season meets.

We wanted to give you a heads up about your options for your league final entries and CIF-SS Prelim entries. Here is the run-down:

  • EPI Sports remains the online entry provider for CIF-SS Prelims.
  • Once your league finals are over, your league manager will need to follow the instructions given by CIF-SS and enter all CIF-SS Prelim qualifiers.
  • We will still offer our automatic upload feature for CIF-SS Prelim entries IF YOU DO YOUR LEAGUE FINAL ENTRIES THROUGH MILESPLIT.
  • If you do your league final entries through MileSplit, you will be able to utilize our automatic upload feature for CIF Prelim entries at NO COST TO YOU (savings of $250 from previous years).
  • If you do your online entries for league finals with someone else, you will have to manually enter all of your CIF-SS Prelim qualifiers.

To get your league finals setup for online entries with MileSplit, click on the link below and complete the information requested:

Set-Up My League Finals for Online Entries

Once your league finals are over, follow the instructions sent by CIF-SS to enter your CIF-SS Prelim entries. We will know if you used MileSplit for league entries and if you did, you will have the auto-upload feature available for use.

Hope you are having a great track season during this unusual year.